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Chapter 07 Page 12

Chapter 07 Page 12 published on No Comments on Chapter 07 Page 12

So maybe Lex’s night isn’t turning into a total dumpster fire after all.

Have you ever had a clever friend do you a favor to give you some alone time with your crush? I’ve been on the receiving end and the giving end of this phenomenon. Matchmakers of the world unite!


Chapter 07 Page 11

Chapter 07 Page 11 published on No Comments on Chapter 07 Page 11

Nothing cures homework blues like a good dose of your crush.

By the way, who else has fond memories of an old hang-out spot like Lex’s “Grease Trap”? Maybe it was a college snack bar or a diner in town. One of my BFFs and I used to go to Breightie’s diner in our hometown and eat ourselves sick on blueberry pancakes.

What about for you?


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