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Chapter 07 Page 12

Chapter 07 Page 12 published on No Comments on Chapter 07 Page 12

So maybe Lex’s night isn’t turning into a total dumpster fire after all.

Have you ever had a clever friend do you a favor to give you some alone time with your crush? I’ve been on the receiving end and the giving end of this phenomenon. Matchmakers of the world unite!


Chapter 7 Page 9

Chapter 7 Page 9 published on No Comments on Chapter 7 Page 9

One of the things I like about writing the On Campus comic is that I get to spend a fair amount of time poking fun at my own anxiety.┬áLex’s face in these panels is a rough approximation of my face when I’m all wound up about nothing.

Anxiety can really be a jerk. Sometimes it’s reassuring to make it funny instead.

What makes YOU have this kind of face?




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