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Chapter 7 Page 17

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There’s never a to-do list so long that fate can’t intervene with one more item.

I picture Felicity as someone who has limited empathy for those under stress. I think, up to this point in her life, the world has been pretty predictable for Felicity. She has a personality that makes it easy for her to play by the world’s rules, and she doesn’t quite “get” why other people struggle more than she does.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave Felicity as a two-dimensional character forever. There hasn’t been much opportunity yet to explore her personality, but just wait, faithful readers. Just wait.


Chapter 07 Page 12

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So maybe Lex’s night isn’t turning into a total dumpster fire after all.

Have you ever had a clever friend do you a favor to give you some alone time with your crush? I’ve been on the receiving end and the giving end of this phenomenon. Matchmakers of the world unite!


Chapter 7 Page 9

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One of the things I like about writing the On Campus comic is that I get to spend a fair amount of time poking fun at my own anxiety.┬áLex’s face in these panels is a rough approximation of my face when I’m all wound up about nothing.

Anxiety can really be a jerk. Sometimes it’s reassuring to make it funny instead.

What makes YOU have this kind of face?




Chapter 7 Page 8

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Can other creatives relate to that moment when you’re working on a project, you have the materials spread around you, and the bed you’re sitting on becomes the whole world? Nothing outside of that exists. That’s a good feeling. (Maybe less so when doing homework…)

Or maybe your creative raft away from the world isn’t your bed, but a desk, a couch, a dining room table. Most of the time, mine is the long end of my sectional. Tell me where you do your best focus work!


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