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Meet the cast of On Campus.

twitter profileLex Kendal. The plan was to live at home, commute to school, and convince her best friend Kat to enroll with her. It didn’t quite work out. Now she’s using her unstoppable powers of dorkdom to survive dorm life, befriend the campus oddball, wage war on mountainous homework, and construct the most impressive cup fort known to man in the cafeteria.
kat profile picKat Rodriguez. Lex’s best friend. They’ve been inseparable since childhood, but now Kat’s at a different school. And she’s definitely busy, if infrequent emails and zero phone calls are any indication. Kat’s great at giving advice, but where is she when Lex needs it the most?
Felicity Cunningham. She’s not quite the roommate Lex pictured. Then again, Lex isn’t quite the roommate Felicity pictured. Felicity loves new friends, extra-curriculars, and marathons of “Boyz ‘N Breakups” (especially Season 3). She isn’t sure what to do with a sometimes-moody roommate who watches sci-fi and has a framed cat picture on the dresser.
andiAndi Rice. She may say something blunt the first time you meet her, but at least she’ll come to your rescue when it counts. Get on her good side by being funny (even if at your own expense). She loves soccer because it makes her like Superwoman–just as tough, better uniform.
Turner profileTurner Taglieri. If he can’t win you over with his naive friendliness and impossible optimism, he’ll win you over by having exactly what you need in his bottomless backpack. It’s normal to carry this much stuff around, right?
mystery character—This character has not been unlocked yet.
mystery character—This character has not been unlocked yet.

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