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twitter profileLex didn’t want to change up her life and live on campus–until a dead commuter car and accidental dorm room assignment dragged her there kicking and screaming.

She also didn’t mean to get adopted into a rowdy troupe of friends. She’s never been a prankster or bent the rules before. But somewhere between hiding up a tree from the “human gargoyle,” spying on a professor who may actually BE the Wizard Merlin, and earning the name “Ink Shirt Girl”–don’t ask–Lex realizes the obstacle to happiness may be her own fear, belonging may happen with unexpected people, and college might not be so bad after all.

(But it will definitely be weird).

Read the prologue! Updates MWF beginning Sept. 1, 2016.


face Rachel Heston-Davis does all the writing and artwork, with invaluable editorial advice from her friend Angela Sylvia. Rachel has been drawing cartoons since age 9, when she picked up her first Calvin & Hobbes collection book and saw the power of words and pictures combined. Her first attempt at cartoons, drawn in pencil and crayon, starred dinosaurs who go to grade school. She didn’t intend to still be making comics about school adventures 20-some years later, but when the idea for On Campus came to her, she couldn’t resist.

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