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On Campus Chapter 6 Page 3

On Campus Chapter 6 Page 3 published on No Comments on On Campus Chapter 6 Page 3

On Campus Comic is back in action and better than ever!


Despite our long….long…..long hiatus….Lex and the gang are resuming their adventures in Chapter 6! To make up for this long silence, the next chapter will play out daily (yes, DAILY!) throughout the month of October. We have just enough pages in this chapter to get us to Halloween.

After that, we’ll resume a MWF posting schedule for Chapter 7 throughout the holiday season.

Where will we go from there? It remains to be seen. I have scripts written through the end of Lex’s freshman year, and a general idea of the direction of the story throughout her entire 4 years of school. However, the artwork hasn’t gone beyond Chapter 7. I’m still thinking about whether and how quickly I want to keep going with this story, but I at least wanted to finish what I started and get Lex through one whole semester of college.

Thanks for coming back. See you again tomorrow!


On Campus Digest 10/28

On Campus Digest 10/28 published on No Comments on On Campus Digest 10/28

Happy Friday! Catch today’s post of On Campus here, and go back to pick up the last few posts if you’ve missed them since the last weekend digest.


We’ve covered all kinds of feels over the past two weeks–flying the nest, BFF separation, and parents plotting to kidnap children back from educational institutions–but tomorrow is a new day, and Lex may try some (nerdy) attempts at friend-ing next week. Don’t miss it!



On Campus Weekend Digest

On Campus Weekend Digest published on No Comments on On Campus Weekend Digest

Hi subscribers,

This is my solution so far to the problem of how to send updates for new pages…a Friday email!

Newest page can be found here, but if you need to back up a couple of weeks, please do so.

Over the last couple of weeks we have covered the following topics: being “that person” who sits awkwardly in a room full of vivacious and competent individuals; the art of stalling people who want to leave; and today we’re getting into some mushy territory about Moms and Dads letting the nest empty. D’aww!

As always, thanks for following.



The case of the missing posts updates…

The case of the missing posts updates… published on No Comments on The case of the missing posts updates…

Hello my faithful subscribers!


When I originally instructed friends and fans to subscribe, I was under the impression that you’d get an email update every time a new cartoon page went up. Recently I have discovered that’s not the case. I think it only sends these updates when I make a new blog post (which makes no sense on a WordPress theme specifically designed for, y’know, comic page updates rather than blog posts, but whatever).


I’m researching an easy fix for this on the WordPress theme I use so that you will actually get email reminders with each page. Until then, check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new updates, because they ARE here! Thanks for your subscription and your patience. It’s been a great few weeks so far, and I look forward to showing you more of Lex’s story as the months progress.


Your enthusiastic but less-than-tech-savvy author/illustrator,


Rachel Heston-Davis

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