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On Campus Chapter 6 Page 3

On Campus Chapter 6 Page 3 published on No Comments on On Campus Chapter 6 Page 3

On Campus Comic is back in action and better than ever!


Despite our long….long…..long hiatus….Lex and the gang are resuming their adventures in Chapter 6! To make up for this long silence, the next chapter will play out daily (yes, DAILY!) throughout the month of October. We have just enough pages in this chapter to get us to Halloween.

After that, we’ll resume a MWF posting schedule for Chapter 7 throughout the holiday season.

Where will we go from there? It remains to be seen. I have scripts written through the end of Lex’s freshman year, and a general idea of the direction of the story throughout her entire 4 years of school. However, the artwork hasn’t gone beyond Chapter 7. I’m still thinking about whether and how quickly I want to keep going with this story, but I at least wanted to finish what I started and get Lex through one whole semester of college.

Thanks for coming back. See you again tomorrow!


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