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Chapter 5 Page 17

Chapter 5 Page 17 published on No Comments on Chapter 5 Page 17

Oh my gosh, we’re back!

In case you haven’t heard, On Campus is in session once more! We’ll finish out Chapter 5 by summer’s end, and start Chapter 6–entitled “Campusween”–just in time for Halloween season (which, at my house, begins at the start of September). Revisit Chapter 5 from the beginning for a refresher on our plot so far.

Right after Halloween, we’ll begin the Christmas chapter. It wraps up Lex’s first semester, and that’s as much clarity as I have right now regarding a timeline for how quickly we’ll move through Lex’s story.

If you’re back after our long absence, thank you for returning; we missed you! If you’re visiting for the first time, welcome!

See you MWF mornings!


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