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Chapter 3 Page 26

Chapter 3 Page 26 published on No Comments on Chapter 3 Page 26

Now you have to come back Monday; what’s going to happen?

Today is the last day of our contest!


Guess Lex’s birthday and win a page from On Campus!

One clue. One guess. Whoever gets it right (or closest to right) wins their choice of either:

1. Your own high-res digital copy of a finished title page from a future chapter of On Campus


2. Your own digital copy of a page from the story, but colored instead of black and white (winner’s choice on which page!)


3. Yourself drawn into the background of a future On Campus page

Use the clue (below) to make your guess about Lex’s birth date. SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO THE ON CAMPUS FACEBOOK PAGE (guesses anywhere else, including on the public wall, are disqualified!)

Your guess MUST include her birth year. Submit by 11:59 p.m. TONIGHT, May 12, 2017. If no one guesses right, the prize goes to whoever got closest. If more than one person guesses right, I guess we’re sending out a lot of prizes 🙂

Here’s your clue: On a scale ranging from scary to delicious, her birthday leans scary.

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