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Chapter 3 Page 24

Chapter 3 Page 24 published on No Comments on Chapter 3 Page 24

I love this page. It’s probably one of my favorites so far!


By the way, did you know about our CONTEST? Guess Lex’s birthday and win a page from On Campus!

One clue. One guess. Whoever gets it right (or closest to right) wins their choice of either:

1. Your own high-res digital copy of a finished title page from a future chapter of On Campus


2. Your own digital copy of a page from the story, but colored instead of black and white (winner’s choice on which page!)


3. Yourself drawn into the background of a future On Campus page

Use the clue (below) to make your guess about Lex’s birth date. SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO THE ON CAMPUS FACEBOOK PAGE (guesses anywhere else, including on the public wall, are disqualified!)

Your guess MUST include her birth year. Submit by THIS FRIDAY, May 12. If no one guesses right, the prize goes to whoever got closest. If more than one person guesses right, I guess we’re sending out a lot of prizes 🙂

Here’s your clue: On a scale ranging from scary to delicious, her birthday leans scary.


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